- Incubator -

Your incubator model must start as some sort of container for air which you can heat and maintain at a more-or-less constant temperature.

Figure C2a
Incubator Chamber

The chamber pictured above in figure C2 was made from corrugated cardboard 42 cm long and 40 cm wide. This size is about right for the other parts and pieces which fit together to make the incubator.

Figure C2b
Chamber Sketch

Use these plans for the incubator chamber or create your own. Transfer your incubator plans to a piece of corrugated cardboard. Use a pencil so you can erase mistakes. Once you are confident that the incubator chamber is drawn properly, cut it out using your sharp knife. Score the folds (by cutting half through). The flaps, which fold over to hold it all together, should be scored 2 or 3 mm thinner to make allowance for the width of the cardboard. Fold the box together to be sure everything fits well. Mark outlines where the flaps fit to help with positioning when you glue everything together. Once you have glued the chamber together, you can cut the top so it can open up. Draw a line 4 cm down across the front of the box. Extend this line with slanted lines, on the ends, from the line on the front up to the top of the back. Cut along the line and the top should hinge open. The chamber is done.

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