- Sensors -

For this activity you will need sevral sensors: 100 Ohm thermistor, 1N914 diode, thermocouple wire, resistance wire, AD590, LM35 or LM335. You will also need styrofoam cups, and hot and cold water. (Boiling water and ice preferred.)

Use your meter to measure the sensor outputs. Measure each sensor when placed in cups of hot, warm, and cold water. If possible, use ice water and boiling water because you know they will be near 0 °C and 100 °C. Make the water in a third cup as close as possible to half-way between your hot and cold cups.

Figure M2
Measuring Sensor Output

Sensors to Investigate

Figure M3
Circuits for AD590

Prepare a Report: Review the questions , look at the suggestions for reporting, and prepare a report on sensors.

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