Hands On Physics


The work you do on your chosen "extension" must be collected, synthesized, and reported. This report should be quite detailed and contain ample description so it may be used to present ideas which others in the class have not investigated. Discuss the report form with your teacher. It could be written, presented orally, recorded on video tape, or shared as a poster. Whatever form you choose, the report should contain the parts listed below.
  • What is the main question of this investigation? State this question at the beginning of your report.

  • Scientific investigations generally focus on the cause/effect relationship between two variables. Your report should tell what variables you are studying.

  • A short description of your experimental design should explain how you chose values for the independent variable, and how you measured the dependent variable. Diagrams are usually helpful here.

  • The data you gather should be presented in a table(s)

  • A graph helps with the visualization of the relationship between variables. Be sure to include all your graphs in your report.

  • If you determine a mathematical model of the phenomenon, include the equation(s) in your report.

  • Write a summary of what you have done and restate the answer to the main question.

  • Sign and date your work.

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