- Aircart Motor Mount -

A motor mount may be cut from a piece of cardboard 4 cm x 12 cm. The corrugations should run lengthwise, perpendicular to the folds. Instead of scoring at the folds, crease the cardboard along the fold line with the edge of a ruler. This makes a stronger fold. The motor can be glued as the triangle is folded around it. Extra glue is recommended, particularly in the back, because the motor tends to break loose from its mount when the aircart collides with the wall. The propeller end of the motor should stick out about a millimeter to assure that the propeller doesn't hit anywhere.

Figure C6
Motor mount construction

The propeller guard, made from a clothes-hanger, should be attached after the aircart frame has been assembled. Draw a guide circle with a compass and bend a piece of clothes-hanger wire to match this circle.

Figure C7
Motor mount with propeller guard

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