- Materials -

Mechanical Parts:

Cardboard (corrugated): Corrugated cardboard is a good material for building small structures. A triangular shape for the aircart frame makes a fairly rigid structure.

Pop Rivets: Pop rivets make good bearings. The hollow rivet has a solid shaft (like a nail) through it. This shaft usually has a rough spot under the rivet. To allow the rivet to rotate smoothly on the shaft, remove the rivet from the shaft, file off the rough spot, and replace the rivet. Pop rivets are used in the aircart as bearings and axles for the wheels. A little oil will reduce the friction even more.

Wooden Wheels: The small wheels provided in the kit for this project will accept a pop-rivet as a bearing.

Propeller: The plastic propeller in your kit is the kind used in model airplanes.

Electrical Parts:

Electric Motor: A small low-voltage motor is used for spinning the propeller. This motor is rated at 3 volts, so two 1.5 volt batteries provide adequate power.

Switch: A switch in the circuit is advisable. A small single pole switch is provided. It should be wired in series with the motor and the batteries.

Battery Holders: A battery holder for two AA batteries is provided in your kit. Wire it in series with everything else.

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