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Can You Design an Investigation to...

The "extensions" are hands-on activities which extend the investigation begun with the core project. These are smaller and less directed projects which are either suggested by students or chosen from possibilities presented here.

A Story

You have been working very hard. It may not be obvious, but you have gained a great deal. Let's take a moment to review those gains.

You should now be familiar with the terms which are used to describe waves in general and sound waves in particular. You should have a greater understanding of the connection between sound waves and the physiological experience of hearing. You should also recognize that sound waves can be modified, sometimes dramatically, by interaction with objects and other sound waves. In addition to greater knowledge, you have also created the fundamental tools required to study sound.

Now comes the really good part. You are going to design and conduct a short scientific investigation. Your teacher will probably need to set some limts. This is not uncommon. Every research laboratory has to live with limits. The trick is to make the most of knowledge, tools, and time that you do have.

Student Defined Extensions:

Ready-made Extensions:

These extensions involve measurements of sound intensity. For these investigations you will need to built a Sound Level Meter. You will also need a sound source. The tone generator you built in the Core Project will serve quite well if you add a speaker.


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