- The Project -


Hands-On-Physics represents a novel approach to learning science that responds to the standards by providing a rich, inquiry-based approach. This physics program features a sequence of hands-on investigations that involve building sophisticated experiments out of inexpensive apparatus. We have developed these materials primarily to meet the needs of students preparing for advanced technical careers. Beyond that, HOP provides a refreshing alternative to any standard physics course at the high school or college level. Hands-On-Physics is heavily experimental, project-oriented, technological, low-cost, practical to implement, and effective for all students.

The project has been funded by the National Science Foundation from the Advanced Technological Education program. It is based on work initiated by Professor John King at MIT and now an integral part of physics teaching at MIT, Cal Tech, and Harvard. John King and Robert Tinker were co-principal investigators with Hilton Abbott and Bruce Seiger. The project began work in January, 1995 and has been tested extensively.

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