- Debugging Electronic Circuits -

The last big skill in this unit is debugging skill. Debugging is usually neccessary, time consuming, and often frustrating. Perhaps if you expect to have to do it, it will be less frustrating. If your circuit doesn't work properly, try the following steps:
  1. Proofread your circuit board. Check that every component and jumper wire is correct with the diagram. If you numbered your lines as suggested above, this will take less time. Have your partner proofread, too.

  2. Check all your connections. Often some wire lifts up and a connection is broken. Use your needlenose pliers to make sure each wire is down.

  3. Start at the power supply (battery) and use the multimeter to check for conductivity and voltage loss at various points to see if you can locate the problem area.

  4. Switch components--ONE AT A TIME--with another lab group to see if you have a defective component.

  5. Your teacher might help if your circuit still won't work.

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