- Investigations -

A Story
You now have a model incubator, so you take it to the doctor. She is uneasy. Besides being too small, she feels that there is something else very wrong with it. What else could be wrong with your model? After thinking about it, the doctor exclaims "One problem is that there is no fresh air. A baby would be asphyxiated in an incubator made this way. We need to provide fresh air." You don't want too much air flow or the lamp will not be able to heat the air fast enough. She has other questions: Could the incubator have a "regular" thermometer so she can tell at a glance what the temperature is inside? The incubator seems to loose quite a bit of heat, insulation might make it more efficient. We don't know what happens when a baby is put into the incubator, will it still work properly? You may have your own questions about the new model incubator.

Student Defined Extensions:
Perhaps your work so far on this project has raised questions for additional experiments. If you have a question of your own you want to study, work on it. Ready-made Extensions:
If you need ideas, you might do one of the following.



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