Core Project

SOUND - Extensions



1. Building the Meter

In this unit, the Ready-Made extensions involve measurements of sound intensity. For these investigations you will need to build a Sound Level Meter.

Figure E1a
Sound Level Meter

Good fortune. The sound Level Meter is based on the 741 Amplifier constructed in the Messing Around Section. Therefore, you already have most of the parts, and you have already finished 85% of the work. A few extra parts are neccessary.

Figure E2a
Sound Level Meter Circuit

A circuit diagram for a Sound Level Meter is shown above.
Construct your Sound Level Meter on a breadboard. If you need more detail, you can look at a breadboard diagram or photograph.

The Parts

The heart of the Sound Level Meter is the 741 Amplfier already built. A few additional parts are need to prepare the amplfied signal so it can be read by a voltmeter.

Test your Sound Level Meter.

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