Hands On Physics

The Great Bungee Jump

Here is where you get to show your creativity. Extensions are suggested investigations that build on the ideas of the core project. Each group should pick one extension or make up one. There are no instructions for extensions, just some suggestions to help you get started. It's up to you to define the question, decide on the experiment, collect data, analyze your results, and communicate what you have found. If your experiment is very interesting, it can be published on the Web.

There are several extensions you might pursue: You do not have to do one of these extensions, you may design one of your own.

For more ideas, look on the Web for extensions other students have contributed.

Invent your own experiment. Decide on your experiment and measurements. Before you begin experimenting, tell your instructor what you plan.

Be Safe

In any experiment you do, always think carefully about safety. Think about what might go wrong and how that can be avoided. One person in the group might be given the task of being a safety officer and asked to always think about safety. Even if you do this, everyone should be aware of hazards all the time. "Safety is everyone's business."

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