- Ventilation -

Cut a small hole in the incubator and mount the fan over this hole so it blows air into the incubator. You may have to make some holes for the air to exit, and perhaps limit the airflow somehow so the incubator doesn't cool down too much. The fan motor runs on DC and will work only if the current goes the right way through it. You must add a diode in series with the fan and the AC transformer. Use some clip leads to connect the fan, the diode, and the transformer. (The transformer must also remain connected to the thermostat and bulb) With the fan on, record the thermistor resistance every ten seconds until you think you have captured enough data. As you take data, note when the light turns on and off. Graph this data. Experiment with air circulation. Take data, over several cyles, for three different temperatures. Change the temperature setting by rotating the thermotat slightly. Choose one temperature setting that is nearly as hot as the lamp can manage, and another close to room temperature.

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