- Synthesizer -

The electronic synthesizer made in this core project is an instrument for making sounds. Perhaps music even.

Figure C1a

  • Background: The study of sound is motivated in part by the human desire to know about things happening some distance away. Sound allows us communicate without seeing. We get pleasure from making and listening to the complex sounds called music. With sound, as with other aspects of nature, understanding and mathematical modelling give us power to create.

  • A Story "Hearing More"

  • Questions: How are sounds created electronically? How are pitch and loudness determined?

  • Performance Criteria: Can you build middle C?

  • Tools: For this project you may need a soldering iron.

  • Materials: A kit of electronic parts, a 9volt battery, and a set of earphones are needed for this synthesizer. You will also need some masking tape and paperclips.

  • Activities The core activity is the construction of an electronic synthesizer. This construction has been separated into several activities, construction of a tone generator, adding notes & building the keyboard, testing your synthesizer, adding an amplifier, and putting your synthesizer into a film can.

  • Analysis: Suggestions for analysis of data necessary to answer questions posed at the start of the unit

  • Reporting: Suggestions for collecting, synthesizing, and reporting the work done in the "core project"

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