- Building the Tone Generator -

Synthesizer Construction

A good synthesizer could be constructed in many ways. None-the-less, we recommend the electronic design presented here. Working with care avoids ruining electronic parts.

Figure C1a
Completed synthesizer

1. Tone Generator
The 555 timer chip is an integrated circuit which is used to create a vibrating signal.

2. Signal Generator
The LM348-D is an integrated circuit which is the basis for a Signal Generator. It is a more sophisticated option to the Tone Generator.

3. Adding Notes
The tone generator can be made into a synthesizer by modifying it so it can produce a variety of tones. The synthesizer also needs a keyboard.

4. Testing
Determine the pattern of notes produced by pressing individual keys and key combinations (write it down). Use an oscilloscope to measure the frequencies of all the notes your synthesizer can produce.

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