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Converting Between C and F

You often need to convert between the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Call c the temperature of something in Celsius and f the same temperature expressed as Fahrenheit. Then:

Heat Flow Equation

Assume one object is at temperature T1, the other is at T2, and that T2 is hotter than T1. Focus your attention to the material between the objects. Call Q the heat flowing from T2 to T1 that must flow through this material. Several factors influence how much heat will flow through this material:
All these factors can be summarized in one equation:

Q = KA(T2 - T1)/d

Q is the heat flow through the conductor from substance-2 to substance-1. K is the specific conductivity of the conductor, A is the cross-sectional area of the conductor in contact with the substances. T2 - T1 is the temperature difference across the conductor. d is the thickness of the conductor.

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